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Large DOT Cylinders

Leland now offers a large range of puncture type welded closed gas filled cylinders to North America. These large cylinders begin at 86g CO2 fill and go all the way to 440g. The puncturable ends are threaded to 1/2-20UNF2A to allow use with standard life jacket style inflators. Manual and auto inflators easily puncture these cylinders

Mini-life rafts for the US Army, USCG and US Navy are just one use where a welded closed ZERO leakage gas filled cylinder is specified. Excessive G loads, shock, and harsh salt environments are the standard criteria for these DOT approved pressure vessels. Although they meet the refillable safety standards as well, the "disposable" DOT approval is an economic advantage to the OEM, allowing new and useful products to hit the streets at a lower per unit cost with the reduction of complicated valves, hydrostatic tests, etc.

Verification of gas charge is easily accomplished by weighing the cylinder and comparing the indicated weight to the actual. Welded closed cylinders are a reliable energy source, recorded periodic inspection is important as a further step to provide a statistical representation of quality to the end user.

Life Raft CO2 CylinderLighter, Stronger, More Gas
The US DOT has approved a higher filling ratio of CO2 for life raft inflation to meet the requirement of the new US Navy and USAF requirements for one and two man inflatable life rafts. The new programs will also feed the interest of the commercial and recreational fishing markets as small lightweight and affordable life rafts can go into service for many years without requiring a bottle change. The key advantage of the small life raft is that it gets the person out of the cold water which significantly increases the chance of survival. Specific data regarding the restrictions of these 75% fill ratio cylinders can be viewed here. Leland can also fill with high pressure N2 for cold applications. Recent developments in material have also lead to a thinner wall thickness, from 3.0mm down to 2.5mm. Not only is there a savings in weight, but there is the increased inside capacity as well. Operating with three diameters of large cylinders allows many opportunities to design cylinders in custom lengths to meet specific product envelopes.

Options for these cylinders include:

  • Color Coded Cap
  • Protective Sleeves
  • Double Puncture Ends
  • 2000 hr. Corrosion Proof Paint
  • Stainless Steel
  • Custom Imprinting
  • Bar Coding
  • Gas Charges
  • He
  • N2
  • Ar and others up to 2750 psi

This entire line of gas filled cylinders meet and exceed all of the requirements of the United States Department of Transportation as: DOT 39, NRC, (Non Refillable Container)
DOT Approval Doc for 75% Filling Ratio

They are approved for all modes of transportation and are considered hazardous material when transported by ground, air, or sea. Other sizes are available as well as filling with any non toxic, non flammable gas. Some oxidizer gases cannot be welded in. Usually, we can fill to pressures up to 2750 psi max. Please call our Technical Sales Department.

Zero Leakage
These types of cylinders, welded closed, are mission specific in that they will contain 100% of the energy originally filled. Operating ranges of 0°F to 140°F are easily accomplished.

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