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Shelf Life Information

Crimp Closed Gas Filled Cartridges

Due to the closure method, these  have  4 year shelf life. 

Protect  from heat over 120F and less than 32F.


Welded Closed Gas Filled Cartridges and Cylinders

The welded closure ensures an indefinite shelf  life.

Verification of the gas charge may be performed in the field with a scale

capable of reading 0.1g. Typically, there is a value marked known as

the 'Minimum Gross Weight'. The actual weight should read greater

than or equal to the marked weight.


Any gas filled cartridge or cylinder which shows red rust should be removed from service.


Regulators and Pressure Handling Equipment

Guidance for shelf life of these products is application specific as there is

a wide variation of environmental factors which may influence the

actual result. Best practice is to consult with our engineering team to determine what best suits your application.


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